Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lesson Plan 1/22-1/26

Early Dismissal on Monday Jan. 22 at 12:00 noon, after school available if needed. Please remember to log into and front row and complete assignments this week by Friday Jan 26. 

Sight Words

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Monday 1/22
Religion workbook pg.20-21
Math worksheet lesson 24 and 25
Tuesday 1/23
Math worksheet lesson 26
Write each sight word from the list above three times in HW notebook

Monday, January 15, 2018

Lesson Plan 1/15-1/19

Map testing this week on Wednesday and Thursday morning, please make sure your child eats a well balanced breakfast and arrives to school on time, testing will begin promptly at 8:30 am. Please remember to log in weekly into pearsonrealize and front row and making sure child practices their reading comprehension and math skills. 

Sight Words

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Tuesday 1/16
Write each sight word three times in hw notebook
Math worksheet lesson 20 and 21
Wednesday 1/17
Math worksheet lesson 22
Foundational workbook pg.97-98
Thursday 1/18
Write a sentence with each sight word
Math worksheet lesson 23
Tomorrow Friday regular clothes with $1.00 donation
Please check back tomorrow for assignments on pearson and front row to be done over the weekend.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Lesson Plan 1/8-1/12

Students should have logged into both pearsonrealize and front row and completed all assignments due, students should be working independently on the assignments. As of January students will be assigned 4 sight words per week instead of 3, to make sure students learn at least 100 sight words by June. Map testing begins this month it is imperative that students practice as much as they can on their listening skills by using pearsonrealize and front row.

Please click on this link to view 2017-2018 sight word list

Sight Words

Please click on this link to view lesson plan

Tuesday 1/9
Write each sight word three times in hw notebook (no sentences) just write and remember them.
Math worksheet lesson 17
Wednesday 1/10
Foundational skills workbook pg.95-96 and pg.7-8(booklet: please have your child read it to you)
Math worksheet lesson 18
Thursday 1/11
Write a sentence with each sight word from above
Math worksheet lesson 19
Dress down tomorrow Friday with $1.00 donation
Friday 1/12
Log into front row and complete all pending assignments.
Practice all sight words
School Closed Monday 1/15 for holiday (Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week of 1/3-1/5

Hope everyone had a safe and blessed Christmas and New Year. I will not be giving new sight words this week as it is a short week. Please remember if you have any questions or concerns please make an appointment with Alba in the office. I am very thankful for your positive response to the changes that have occurred and I will be working closely with you all to ensure that your child achieves their academic goals. Please check homework below for this week.

Wednesday 1/3
Math worksheet lesson 15
Handwriting book pg.66-69
Math worksheet lesson 16
Phonics book pg.53-54

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Break HW

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas and may you all have a prosperous New Year 2018. Please remember to log into with username and password that was provided in a link in the previous blog. In order to log into front row you must put your child's full first and last name. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Lesson Plan 12/18-12/22

I have assigned a number of assignments on front row and a number of students have not yet logged and done any assignments, for the exception of the students that were previously in Ms.Coello's class, students have now been placed on my front row roster now they can catch up. This type of work is to benefit your child and if assignments are not completed it may hinder their academics and grade. I have also attached another link to so that you may access,  I have previously posted on blog and minimal work was done by the students. It is imperative that children follow up on work assigned.
Tuesday December 19, the 8th grade students will be having a bake sale if you would like to help out you may send your child with at least $1.00 to buy something from the bake sale again all proceeds are to help fund their graduation. Lessons and Carols @ 8:30 am in the church parents are welcomes to join us, students should wear red or green. I am still collecting $4.00 for the class Christmas party if you have not yet contributed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sight Words

frontrow link click here
Class Code: ocasiq

Pearson log in sheet

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Monday 12/18
Write each sight word three times in hw notebook
Math worksheet lesson 13 (module 3)
Tuesday 12/19
Math worksheet lesson 14
Handwriting book pg.62-65
A reminder in order to log into front row you must enter your child's full name and class code
Wednesday 12/20
Write a sentence with each sight word
Foundational skills workbook pg. 93-94

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Lesson Plan 12/11-12/15

Welcome to all the students and their parents who are joining our class, please do not hesitate, if you have any questions or concerns and would like to schedule a meeting with me please do so with Alba the school secretary, I am unable to meet Monday afternoons because of a graduate course i'm currently enrolled for the fall semester. Friday December 15 Early Dismissal at 12:00 noon please be advised there will be no after school program.

Sight Words

Please click on this link to view lesson plan

Monday 12/11
Write each sight word three times in hw notebook
Math worksheet lesson 9 (module 3 measurement)
Tuesday 12/12
Math worksheet lesson 10
Foundational skills workbook pg. 91-92
Wednesday 12/13
Math worksheet lesson 11
Red Religion book pg. 14-15
Thursday 12/14
Math worksheet lesson 12
Write a sentence with each sight word
Tomorrow Friday students may wear clothes with $1.00 donation.
Please log into    Class Code:ocasiq  (please do all pending assignments the one in the rooster)
A list of my sight words will be handed out next week before the Christmas break.
I will be collecting $4.00 for the Christmas party, please make your donation before Wed. Dec.20
The music teacher would like students to wear red or green for the lessons and carols on Thursday December 21.